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The First Five Guns Everyone Should Own

Are you new to guns? This is where you should start. We all work long hours, and at times on pretty difficult jobs, either hanging eighty feet in the air installing HVAC ducting, or crunching numbers at your desk, trying not to piss off the Cubical Karen around the corner. Your hard-earned money deserves to be utilized on something that is efficient and effective. Whether it be ammo, optics, that sling that you’ve been putting off buying, or maybe taking the dive on that expensive Surefire light that you’ve been missing. Make sure that when you have that extra coin to throw at firearms, you are taking care of your basic food groups first. New shooters come to me for advice often, and I always break down five specific categorie...  Read More

Is The Ruger American The Perfect Budget Hunting Rifle?

If you start a conversation about budget hunting rifles, the Ruger American will almost certainly come up. The American made rifle has become a staple resident of the bottom shelves at gun stores. Is this for good reason, or does its attraction come strictly from its price tag? Clocking in at $455.99 for the rifle, or $608.99 for the scope package, it certainly does look good for today’s rifle pricing, but for other budget rifles, price can come at the expense of quality. Today we’re going to be reviewing the Ruger American rifle, more specifically the package that comes with a factory installed 3-9x40 Vortex Crossfire II, chambered in the reliable .270 Winchester. To start, this rifle is 100% percent American made. Every screw, b...  Read More