About Us


Our company is an expert in cerakote and hydrodipping. We provide custom designs and a variety of colors to fit your project needs. We also provide gun smithing and machining. To learn more about our services, click hereWe also offer merchandise and electronic gift cards!


At Tactical Penguin, we believe in charitable causes and sponsor local organizations and events. Sounds of Freedom is an organization we contribute to and participate in at an auction every year. To learn more about our participation, to see our work, or to donate so we can continue to participate - click the link above. 


Join the fun in our weekly raffle! Each week we post a variety of products - from guns, ammo, high end knifes, accessories, silver/gold, and other items. Be sure to check the link often or join us on MeWe to get in on the best slots for your chance to win an awesome item at a fraction of the cost.


Check us out on social media! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and MeWe.

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