Cobalt Slate Blue (THE REAL DEAL)

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Interesting story with this color...

Tactical Penguin actually invented this color back in 2015 for Cobalt Kinetics and for a while we had a fantastic symbiotic relationship. One day Cobalt Kinetics called us and asked if they could have a small bottle of each color for "touch ups" after they assembled their rifles. We sent them a bottle of each color and they promptly sent them to Cerakote and paid them to "copy" the colors.

For months after Cobalt Kinetics promised to continue sending us products to coat while they were quietly building their own in house coating facility. I kept several employees on staff based on their lies and ultimately found out through one of their more trustworthy employees that they didn't plan on using us any more even after I had a face to face meeting with their VP and he assured me that it was business as usual.

Ironically the colors that Cerakote developed for this unscrupulous company aren't even 1/10th as gorgeous as the colors that we worked tirelessly to create for Cobalt... SO GUESS WHAT?? When you order this color from us we will be sending you THE ORIGINAL FORMULA. I am sure you will agree that it is WAY better than the copy!

Tactical Penguin