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Tactical Penguin is a full service customization shop. Since we offer so many services and your needs may vary it has ben very difficult to create standardized pricing that fits every scenario. We have done our best with this list but after you get an idea of what you are needing please click on the chat bot on the bottom right of your screen and we will help you book your job, pay, and ship your items to our facility.


This is not a comprehensive list of services, if you need something done that is not on here click on the chat bot and let's make it happen! just let us know what you need.

minimum gunsmithing fee is 75.00 and covers one hour of labor/diagnosis. Diagnosis is done at 75.00 per hour.

dimple barrel for set screws                            75
Install muzzle device                                  35
pin and weld muzzle break                              125
drill and pin FSB                                      129
lap rings, mount scope                                 100
laser boresight scope                                  55
bolt rifle accurizing package                           675
bolt rifle break in barrel                              250
chop barrel                                           45
thread barrel                                         150
glass bed stock                                       199
inlet stock for bottom metal                            150
sako extractor                                       275
tactical bolt handle                                  180
tactical bolt knob                                     145
reblue complete barreled action                        350
true rifle action                                      175
tune and adjust trigger                                150
1911 spa day (new springs, polish necessary areas)          75
Glock extreme trigger enhancement                       85
chamber and fit provided barrel.                        500

If you would like to see some of our finished work please visit our instagram at @tacpenguin2. For advertising reasons we do not post images of firearms on our website. 

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