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Tactical Penguin is a full service customization shop. Since we offer so many services and your needs may vary it has ben very difficult to create standardized pricing that fits every scenario. We have done our best with this list but after you get an idea of what you are needing please click on the chat bot on the bottom right of your screen and we will help you book your job, pay, and ship your items to our facility.

laser engraving

55.00 minimum charge for all engraving services
Prices do not include design time (75.00 per hour if needed)

standard NFA engraving                   55.00
unique location nfa engraving             70.00
pistol slide (EXcludes design).       65.00 per side
pistol or revolver slide scroll work   115 per side
Pistol frame:                                            
left/right stippling (includes design)       150.00
front strap stippling                     45.00
back strap stippling                     45.00
image inlay (both sides)                   55.00
Index points                         40 per side
Any frame that's not a Glock           Add 70.00

Extra frame prep

undercut                                40.00
mag release scallop                       40.00


Pistol                               95.00
long gun                            155.00
Top of case cerakote and engrave      199.00
(one color air cure only, no more than 31" long)
Mag cutouts                     25.00 each
extra cutouts                    25.00 each
Top foam theme                       225.00
Full blown theme on entire case        699.00

If you would like to see some of our finished work please visit our instagram at @tacpenguin2 or our sister company's instagram at @utahlaser . For advertising reasons we do not post images of firearms on our website. 

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