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Tactical Penguin is a full service customization shop. Since we offer so many services and your needs may vary it has ben very difficult to create standardized pricing that fits every scenario. We have done our best with this list but after you get an idea of what you are needing please click on the chat bot on the bottom right of your screen and we will help you book your job, pay, and ship your items to our facility.

titanium nitride

TURNAROUND TIMES - (depending on project specifics)
* Standard finish projects: 2 - 6 weeks
* Polished finish projects: 4 - 16 weeks
* Complete gun projects: 6 - 20 weeks
Turnaround times change daily and are affected by many factors. The times listed above are estimates, not promises.

barrel < 10"                                 105.00
frame                                      105.00
slide                                      105.00
long gun barrel 11-24"                        175.00
revolver frame/barrel                      220.00
bolt carrier group                          120.00
magazine                                   60.00
small parts (triggers, safeties,)          20.00 each
medium parts (guide rod, dust cover)       40.00 each
large parts (gas tube, shotgun lifter)    50.00 each
pins and screws                        20.00 each


Steel frame guns (1911, CZ, Desert Eagle)       600.00
Polymer frame guns (glock, HK)                350.00
AK-47                                      2,500.00


double every price listed

If you would like to see some of our finished work please visit our instagram at @tacpenguin2. For advertising reasons we do not post images of firearms on our website. 

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